Green Eyes


Always on my mind, can’t do nothing else,

I’ve got this pretty little lady fogging up my thoughts.

When I look into those green eyes,

It’s like hot and cold at the same time.

I know there’s pain,

Yet I still see so much joy.

I’ve got those pretty green eyes,

Always on my mind.

Cliché isn’t it.


Crayola colored hair, maybe foolish, I don’t care.

Sexy comes to mind, when I think of that figure.

Can’t help my impulse, when I’m around her,

Those eyes,

Her figure,

Her smile.

Vanilla scent, I know it’s her,

Turns me on, makes me wanna love that body all night.


Emotionally fucked,

It’s ridiculous,

What she does to me.

I don’t care who knows, she’s the one for me.

Body like an art piece, I know to appreciate good work when it comes my way.

Like fine art, I could admire that vanilla looking frame, with the scent to match forever.

Brains inside a beauty, I can’t deny,

The attraction is gripping and pulling at me,

Since the moment we first talked...


Our first kiss, I’d never tell her this,

She gave me a feeling deep inside that I just can’t describe.

In that moment I knew,

I want to make her smile.

In that moment I knew,

I want to stick around.


Good or bad,

Her green eyes, bright smile, with her soft voice,

It can always bring sunlight to my dark days.

When she touches me,

I get a sense of physical paroxysm of comfort and love that overwhelms my body.

People look,

I know people want my green eyed beautiful girl,

Too bad they lucked out.


My promise to the girl that nestles herself in my mind,

The green eyed beauty,


I promise to always be there for you.

I promise to be your rock.

I promise… To always Love You.

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