The Greatest Gift


A child to never experience the snow or the rain,

A child never to know the difference between joy or pain.

A child left behind, forgotten and faded,

A life taken so quickly, and so forcefully invaded.

Features and traits never to be known,

Not even the memory from an old tombstone.

Women everywhere, unable to carry,

A possibility for me that is the most scary.

To have a child to call theirs,

Forever a plea in all of their prayers.

A plea for a soul, so meek and small,

A plea to watch that soul grow wise and tall.

Why throw away God's greatest present?

A child created, then destroyed, without any consent.

A child never to cry, to laugh, to smile,

A child never to overcome any trials.

A child never allowed to take their very first breath,

A child so close to life,

A child so close to death.



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