Grace Defines Me

Fri, 08/14/2015 - 15:55 -- BN15

Church is where I was on Sundays 

But I wasn’t there to give God praise 


I was there because I had to be 

Not to worship the Man that died for me


I was always the good one

And people thought I was living for the Son


I had people at church and school fooled 

because I always followed the rules 


Then in 7th grade I felt alone

And life wouldn’t even through me a bone


Life wasn’t going fine

until July 12th 2009


That’s when Jesus became my Lord

But I had no idea what was inshore


For me He was willing to bleed

and it wasn’t long before I learned that He is all I need


So, me?

I am set free


I am a child of God

and to the world that may seem odd


but I am who I am by grace

and one day I’ll get to experience God’s loving embrace 

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