Good night luv

I am in so much pain right now

Im am sitting here with your smile on the top of my head and

it feels like the weight of ten months of love

is crushing my shoulders


I really miss you

but you know what,

I can't be with you any more and you know it

I close my eyes and all I can see is the way you said

'I love you'

and the smell of you fills my mind and

I want more than air, right now,

to feel your arms locked tightly around me

I want more than my whole past, right now,

to hear you say

'Hey gypsy'

I want more than all the stars in the sky to say

that I want you

'I want only you'

You loved when I would say that.


I hate to concede, but I know that I must

that the way things where going was bad

I've loved you so well and we pushed it so much

that to part now, in confidence, is sad

I know that things work out the best for those who live in light

but I think I'd rather burn in below than be out of your sight

I sit alone and droop all day, I hope you don't do so,

I grieve and wonder if it's fate that we should have come so low


I'm not sure what I'm getting at here

It's hard to compose a thought when my heart is bleeding into my socks

and my eyes are burning from the tears you squeezed out

You always did like the simpler things in life

Can you hear me when I say that I hate it when guys

turn out to be perfect?

I hated every moment of figuring out that I was going to lose the best thing that ever happened to me

And it was all your fault

So, if I ever see you again please don't say hi or anything

Please, my love, just walk on past

as though I had never been under your spell

as though my love had not been cut off in it's bloody prime

as though the world had not ended the moment I said

'I can't see you anymore'

as though the future hadn't crumbled and

you hadn't moved on

without me

Please be cruel and look through me like the glass girl I am

The fragile, frigid thing I've become outside the warm circle of your embrace

Please hate me for turning you away when we both know I needed you

And I needed you so badly

Please remember the first time we laughed at something stupid together

as though our first meeting had not been a primordial meeting of the minds

as though we had not simply picked up where our souls had left off all those eons ago


Please don't call me anymore,

Don't text me wyd because that just makes me want to end my pain

a rusty stain, on the floor where such wretched things as I am belong

among the throng of refugee and losers

of promisors and choosers

of hurting decisions and hurtinger silence

of crowded train stations and complex defiance

of daring escapes and a grinding ennui

that used to fade and pale with awe with the way you said to me,


'You are my darling gypsy girl. I like the way your hips

invite a future that will last. I love to taste your lips.

I get so fuzzy in the head when you smile sweet at me.

You remind me of the night and baby, can't you see

you make me feel like the world is making an exception to

the rule that says we all live in deception.

Like a thing for which I'd normally be charged a pretty fee

Is being placed right in my hand and grins up gingerly

I take the woman, soft and kind and bundle her up tight

if I love her the way I should I think that Karma might

accept my plea to keep her close and never have to stray

away from my sweet darling girl, in her arms always, I'll stay'


That's something like what you said to me before the tower fell

and crushed the pretty tale we'd spun and broke our tender spell

I can't accept the offerings my inbox says your sending

cause the way your filling up my head with stories is demented

I think the way I'm going on still since the thing was done

says more about the state I'm in than the war for reason won

'I can't see you anymore', is all I had to say and like the gentleman you are

you bow out and walk away

I hope to God in places high our last was not the last

Please sweet beloved boy of mine don't leave the dice uncast

for though I asked you not persist in loving me for now

I hope to God in places high we meet again somehow


I love you more than all the the stars up pasted in the sky

'I love you still'

said Lover Girl

then sadly said 'good bye'

Good bye?

Good bye.


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