Golden Rule

Sat, 10/27/2012 - 10:33 -- Grey

What is wrong with our nation?

I don't know why our lives revolve around discrimination. 

We have our share of freedom but just a little taste.

We abuse our power by putting others down.

Color and size...why should it matter who wears the crown?

We wonder why kids kill themselves everyday.

What else are they going to do if they think it's the only way?

How do you think the kids feel when their parents say they can't date?

Not because they're too young but for the other kid's race.

See the tears coming from that girls eyes.?

It's all because someone said she's oversize.

And he completely gave up in school,

Because someone called him an ignorant fool.

Words can be used as a blessing or a weapon.

How we use them is all our decision.

So before we say the words that'll put them down,

Stop and realize Karma comes back around.

We seem to forget what we are told in school; 

Treat others as you'd like to be treated:Golden Rule.

In reality we are all the same. Putting others down?

Honestly, it's lame.

Poetry Slam: 



You took the words right out of my mouth! =p I love you for this! XD The Golden Rule is what I live by, and what I expect others to live by as well. But, alas, I have felt the stings! Why does it have to be this way though? =\ This is an AWESOME poem, though there are a few mistakes. You missed out "know" in between "don't" and "why".
The sentence that starts with "what else..." should end with a question mark, and the next sentence should also end with a question mark. The sentence starting with "not because..." has a "to" where the word "too" should be. In the sentence starting the next verse/stanza, "girls" should be "girl's" and the period before the question mark should be removed. Put a space in between the colon and "Golden", and that's all! XD It will not only be awesomely thought-provoking, but also perfect! XD
~Vampire Tails


Ah, yes the Golden Rule. We've all heard it, like you said, when we were young and in school and I admire your way of expressing this all with rhyme. It's upsetting these days when we witness these types of bullying from everywhere. I also appreciate that you've pointed out that it isn't just our peers who are bullying others, but parents as well. It's something people like to brush aside many times- because their adults it makes it something else other than bullying, I'm glad you see that that is not true. 

Thank you for sharing this,


This is a great poem


You did it!!!!!


I apologize for all the grammatical errors; I was rather young when I wrote this. I do greatly appreciate all the positive feedback, and it is simply making my day! Thank you so much!

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