God Callin'

Wed, 05/27/2020 - 18:47 -- MarcusJ

Have you ever been rich
Have you ever been poor
Have you ever lived a life feeling unsure
So sure that you know you ain't sure
Use to the feeling of having less not knowing what is more
Just living for tha needs and working fo the source
So you can see tomorrow and not to turn up tha day before
That is poverty at its worst
Now you ain't believin' in tha church
Cuz you don't see tha blessings less stressing
But more hurt and some more hurt you don't deserve
Wanna make you put tha bullet to tha temple
To collapse all Tha negative thoughts reality assembles
Tha weight of life you couldn't handle
Even though you fought Tha battle
Won Tha battle
There still remains an' endless battle
Of surviving striving once you connect to living you attach yourself to daily shackles
And if you ain't sumthin' your existence won't matter
Cuz you jus' matter after time like glass you'll jus shatter
Dust to dust shattered
And can't be gathered but jus a memory to tha ones you've mattered
Then you fade to faded likes yesterday's news
This is a cold cased line but sadly true
But I'm tired of running
Tired of hunting
My dreams ar crumblin'
And tha paranoia is bubblin'
Tired of been nothin'
Cuz' I'm tryna' be sumthin'
You see my cryin'
Joy to you cuz' you want me in sufferin'
Man kind want us in strugglin'
Tha' less successful is in coloring
Makes me question democracy
An eye blind
An covering
Leavin you wondering an wondering,
When you gonna' be tha' one running it

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My community
My country
Our world
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