Some of you may cringe because I said His name
Because you expect me to be religiously insane.
But I’m just another human, like you who’s got something to say,
I’m not going to force a bunch of creeds down your throat,
I just want to share with you of a love that’s so whole.
So authentic, so real, so bold.
It’s no myth that this world is imperfect.
Where trust and love in relationships is absent, where even from your loved ones you feel deserted.
But to Him, if you’re a sinner, you’re a winner,
Mary Magdalene was a whore, but Jesus found a friend in her.
The hippies of societies is whom he longs for, He just wants to mold you, and for you to be the best you can be.
No matter how far you go of this world and fail, He'll want you back, all broken,
He’ll pick up the pieces and create beauty from imperfections.
It's hard to explain, but can only be experienced. In a world that wants you to dim your shine to fit society, He is no dictator,
He’s more of a liberator, to Him there’s no such thing as color or gender.
He's shaped you for a reason, forgets your imperfections, and showers you with blessings,
When the world has walked out, He's the only friend who’s remained the same.
And in an ever changing world, He's the one that keeps you sane.
He never judges, never blames, always ready to forgive.
Now who can say they’ve got a friend like me?



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