Glutton for Love


United States
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Yesterday, today, the same
I’m too cowardly to speak your name
I’ve never feared rejection like this
I’ve never been afraid to shoot and miss
Maybe… with you, there is too much at stake-
But hiding these feelings makes me fake
Maybe you are thinking like me…
But we are too self-involved to see-
This is mutual

But I am just grabbing at air
No one will ever like me, I have no flair
So, I tell myself it’s nothing
This kindness is your gift to any friend
I cannot allow myself to exaggerate and say it’s something
I want more!
Is it greedy to desire such pure bliss as this?
I should back down-
But I can’t help but to assert, advance
I will proclaim my feelings to you- give them a chance!
Whether you accept or not, I will be gifted
Because the worrisome burden will be lifted


liyah love

yup thats how i feel


You have a strong poetic voice. I can see it in your poetry. Keep writing. Keep expressing. You have the ability to go farther than you think.

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