For Glory's Sake

Mon, 08/05/2013 - 12:00 -- Nroy

All their voices tell me I fell,

Tripped myself while wading in mud.

My heart only craved to be known.

For agonizing lengths of time I'll have to endure

The piece of me that is alone.


Giving up placed me on the ground

Exposed to the worms gnawing

Too numb to notice the biting

But I feel the holes aching to be filled

With more than empty ghost I'm done fighting.


Years ago You promised to be quenching

But we've crossed enough chasms together

For me to bear my thoughts and soul.
       Against what I've been taught to know

My heart screams a pain You can't console.


I'm waiting now in a quieter place.

Light of the Son pierces my surface

Exposing murky pollutant I've been afraid to show

Memory grown shards of stained glass mess

Are gifts you have extravagantly splattered to bestow.


Vast Void wasn't given, but allowed

The product of a poison withheld by

Strong, good hands.

Peace in reach if I can choose to trust You,

Ignoring hollow demands.


My sight reformed by looking into light

Turning away from frowning at severed flesh

To peering between the walls of wound

Finally seeing through to glory

Splendor of reflected image being fine tuned.


Falls of glistening souls have

Streamed from Your finger tips endlessly.

Since my first bloody cry of loneliness

To this moment in the dust.

The store houses have been unlocked with relational finesse.


Quenching isn't my need at nucleil essence.

But just enough, only enough, barely enough.

Enough water to sustain bones and breath

Blessed yearning to drive me toward sacrifice

Courage, and growing knowledge of death.


Steep cliff behind concurred in anguish

And daunting bluff ahead shedding its veil.

Despite internal chaos and searing ache

I am learning to smile valiantly and always

At the dazzling overflow for glory's sake.



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