Glass Prisoner

Once upon a time-

In a land far before the days of rhyme 

stood one wiser than all, and that would be I. 


Knowing all, naive to none, I once upon a time, was a brilliant someone. 


But then a witch came and cast me her spell, now in a glass prison I dwell, waiting for those to ask the secrets I tell- waiting for the one who could save me from this shell. 


The days come and go, as many now know, in the paradise turned ice cold. A story that one- only I- could tell, for now it is time to be known. 


A long time ago, before cities and chapters- before the valleys and streams fell so low- I saw a young girl with dark brown curls who received the attentions renown like that of a pearl. 


And that is the reason, I am saddened to say, the once wise Queen met her with great dismay. 


But it was I who damned the fate of us all- yes I, the mirror on the wall. For such time has passed I feel it safe to confess- for such a secret can come with great deals of stress. 


There was a danger in those dark brown curls- none could see but in her head she had the darkest of churl. And that is the reason I did what I must- to save the land of the people- and to me they all would trust. 


Then the fateful day came, my queen I betrayed, with a lie as white as the evil girls skin. 


"Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?"


"You my queen," I began to say "but there is another." My greatest deceit to this day. 


"How can this be? Who is she? Who is it that will seal my fate?" For my fair queen, I left two options- to flee or watch her kingdom run over. For in a frail society, nothing is won by pity and all eyes fall and knees bend to those deemed to be pretty. 


But the lie to my queen I have not yet named- for I was the fairest of all. Still alive with time running out, for I used to be the envy- slim and tall. 


But once upon a time, before I knew what was and wasn't mine, I tried to stand up to a mean wench, little did I know that Snow White's mother was the most powerful witch in the world. So with one snap of her hand and a shake of the head, I was turned to a mirror- though I begged to be dead. 


But I had one chance to reverse my fate- but for that I would have to change Snow White's date with a reaper, for her skin is pale and her soul a keeper- though before her 18th birthday it must be done. 


For if she turns a year older than I, the witches fate will have me undone. 


The rest of the tale you all know well, but it is my story you all must tell. 


For how I rose, and how I fell, 

Is all to be finished by tomorrow's morn. 

For I will mourn my death at last, as the beloved Snow White will meet her first born. 

This poem is about: 
Our world



I wanted to provide a modern twist on the traditional fairy tale by focusing on a charecter few spend time to emphasize. 

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