Glad it's over

Glad It’s Over.


Because it was closer than the celebrities for me.

He died.

Then he died.

Then he died.

And it all piled up.


I’m not talking about Harambe or Alan Rickman.

I’m talking about my boyfriend’s best friend

And a kid who I played with at recess.


My therapist tells me that we should typically give ourselves

A year.

So what do you do when you feel 3 kids your age die

In a single year?


Apparently grief and depression are basically sisters too.

So when I’m put on antidepressants

To keep me from doing the same thing that he did

I really shouldn’t be surprised.


Don’t get me wrong,

I cried for Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.

But I screamed after coming home from

Holding my boyfriend who just found out

He lost his best friend who was brave enough

To pull the trigger.


I almost crashed my own car,

When my sister called to

Tell me my childhood best friend had

Just died in a tragic car accident.


These 2 tragedies happened 28 days apart.


So what was I supposed to do

When my little sister’s friend

Kills himself not 6 months later?

The day before my sister’s birthday?

2 weeks before Christmas?

You can joke about 2016. But for me, I will always mourn for this year.

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