Give life my thanks

Hey life, we had a good one, didn't we.

Lots of adventures, so many things to see.

Ive done so much, yet it is barely anything.

Thank you, for all the experiences you bring.

That time in third grade, it was such a gift.

That time in seventh grade, when my spirit needed a lift.

Either way im glad to know, I was part of your scheme.

In the end I hope it works out for someone, that lucky one who benifited from the theme.

What I leave behind, many times others have already unfurled.

Your creations a gift to each other, a bane to this world.

What you have made, brought me so much joy.

On my memory your creatures leave kind words, yet harsh words also part of the ploy.

The big plan you have, your reason for me,

I wont be around to know it, I wont be around to see.

And thats ok with me.

Thank you life, for the moments I had, as well as what will never be.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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