Sun, 03/30/2014 - 18:44 -- sdnni09

I see so much potential, yet these girls,

they put their worth

into Facebook likes and boyfriends and their

Lilly Pulitzer.

Convinced that girls are only good for

having pretty faces.

Can’t you see? You’re smart. You’re lovely.

Yet you seem to hate it.


I want these girls to know that value’s

deeper than a friend count

or what brand or size they wear, hair color,

bank account.

I want these girls to know to find their

passion and explore it

and to never be afraid or be constrained by

what is normal.


Change is not a sweeping movement

or a hurricane.

It is slow and it is painful but it

is still change.

While girls are slowly rising up to

realize their true value,

I want to help to change this

self-destructive attitude.


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