The Girl behind the Curtain


Pride is the number one thing that can make us, break us, or even kill us.

It’s like a bullet proof curtain that allows us to hide who really are.

It hides who I really am internally.

To the person outside looking in, people see a girl that always has her head held high,

who has book smarts and street smarts.

Serious at all times, everyone knows not to get on her bad side.

All because she fears someone will take her love and kindness for weakness.

The fear of letting certain people in because of the loved ones she has lost.

If someone took a look behind the curtain, to find out who she really is.

They would find a delicate flower that is passionate about the people she loves.

When her nearest and dearest hurts, she hurts.

She finds ways to ease their pain even if it sometimes has to take away from her own happiness.

In the darkness, she finds herself in a state of desolation, calling out for her loved ones who are now gone.

Hearing no answers leaves her in puddle of tears, hoping and wishing for just one more touch, one more hug, and one last “I love you.”

If they really knew the girl behind the curtain, they would know she’s just a

Impassioned, Ardent Young Woman.

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I just want to say that it's rather difficult for me to connect sometimes, and this really spoke to me. We are all in some ways standing behind a curtain, it's what blocks the audience from the things we hide the most.

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