Once there was a girl

Naive and quite young

Who believed in the beauty

Of words that were sung

But the singing she heard

Quickly changed to screaming

As her guardians argued

Tempers flaring and steaming

Then came the moving

This girl now had two homes

No papers were signed

But love was no longer shown

She once believed

In fairytale endings

But now questioned

Whether this "truth" had been bending

This girl was just a child

As innocent as can be

This girl was the age of five-years-old

This girl was me


Once there was a girl

Quite young and naive

Who imagined and wondered

But was too scared to see

What love really was

What impact it had

Then changes began occurring once more

Though this time not sad

The flame that had most recently

Been blown out

Rekindled and burned bright

Waving about

The tension had ended

A new chapter had begun

And her home changed back

From two houses to one

Everything seemed positive

Most children would have been pleased

But caution engulfed this girl

And she felt little ease

She was happy that her guardians

Worked towards a similar purpose

But was scared that the former

Problems would resurface

This girl was just a child

Still as innocent as can be

This girl was the age of eight-years-old

This girl was me


Once there was a girl

Who relied on others

Especially her sister

For she had no brothers

They had wonderful times

Adventures old and new

Her time with her sister

Was something of great value

But then love found a way

Into her sister's heart

And the day came

Where they had to break apart

One last birthday was celebrated

And the tears fell down

A promise to always be there for each other was made

Before her sister left town

This girl was now angry

With only love to hate

Love seemed to ruin everything

It would no longer be her fate

This girl was just a child

Innocent as can be

This girl was ten-years-old

This girl was me


Once there was a girl

Who relied on herself alone

She didn't need love

Or to feel like someone was her own

Complete independence

Was her goal

A female leader

Was her role

She refused to give

Anyone the code

To set her heart in

A romantic mode

Everyone else

Was too immature

She believed she was better off alone

With that fact she felt sure

This girl was still a child

Innocent as can be

This girl was thirteen-years-old

This girl was me


Now there is a girl

Young but no longer naive

Who relies on herself

As well as others with ease

She fell in love

Without a doubt

To someone she feels

She can't live without

However, she's cautious

When it comes to her heart

She knows which decisions are stupid

And which ones are smart

She knows love can easily

Come to an end

So with this boy her priority

Is to have a best friend

She has learned so much

In such a short time-span

She only wants to be happy

And she knows that she can

This girl is still a child

And as innocent as she may be

She knows a lot more about this thing called "love"

This girl is me ♥

-Kerry L. Ingram


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