that girl


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When I was 8 I was pushed, I was teased no one liked me I was alone with no one near to hear me scream for help.
Everyone though I was a loser and I believed them.
When I went to middle school it just became worse the torment the name calling became worse
I was tempted to end it all
It was not easy staying strong but somehow I did.
Not I am in high school I thought it would end but everything with to the extreme I have called names on top of names it has spread to the whole high school I was alone and sad maybe even depressed
I thought about suicide many times i though it was the best route out but I met this girl she changed my views on life now I am not a lone I have one girl who would help me suicide not anymore all it takes its one person to change a person from suicide now I am not suicidal or being bullied I thank my best friend.

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