Ghost Machine

Sat, 04/19/2014 - 14:58 -- ccmp123


Ghost machine

Chemical combines
Essential electrons
Flame combustion
Red-wired boiling water.

Finely defining functions
Beyond every elementary experiments
To an ancient entitlement of enlightenment

Only leaving fondling philosophies and dead theology.
Evaluating mathematical of the metaphysical
Still wont give birth....
Fundamentally structuring how incomplete our systems are
daily refining our entire being.

Everyone being in frustration
Trying to find an answer in another testimonies
Understanding is cold and distance
But the reality of the spirit is pure solitude.

No one will ever walk in your same shoes
Only some will try by hearing your own story.

Any other path beyond ourselves have faith is guided daily
Walking in tune with every vibration.

A warm eternity walking in light leaves
No shadows when its bright from within.

The closest achievement is....
Giving to our creator is to submit to our owner.


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