Geography Of Me

I am the cave you always see.I am the cave you leave be.When you look at meyou notice danger all around me.An that's all you ever will see Don't get me wrong; I'm not trying to be mean.I just want you to see how much looks deceive.If you took a chance and come inside my walls you wouldn't believewhat you would find if you look past my cold stone exterior.'Cause behind my stone exterioryou will find my beauty has yet to disappear. You see danger, dark, ugliness of my outside wallsbut if you adventure within you would see.Caverns of hidden diamonds that haven't seen the light in eternity.Hidden deeper are rivers of deep shinning blue.All the things you thought you knew.Are all just a lie, you would know if you came inside. I look so cold, dark, dangerous, and unforgivingbut deep inside there's so much living.

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