Gateway Drug

When I'm high I like to eat fruit. Grapes mostly in the late night as I listen to my badu or rain Forrest and meditate. Some say weed is a gateway drug but I have to disagree with the statement if I want a better high I'll just  smoke more weed but you see fruit as always been my savior. 12 years old the day after I was jumped when I went to visit my dad in jail he cursed me out and told me how much of a punk I was if it wasn't for the grapes on the table I would of been in tears sitting there looking like a punk I stuffed them all in my mouth at once to stop the tears. At 17 I was with my dad's side of the family. All day they were calling me skinny and pushing food all in my face luckily we needed more fruit so I ran out and got it all together before I could go off on everyone in the kitchen. At 10 I thought fruit almost betrayed me when me and my ma and step dad got in the biggest argument and it was no where to save me. At 20 when my dad was locked up on my birthday I ate fruit all night to save me. I wasn't all that sad because I was use to it but just in case I slipped into my old ways I had it anyway. So sorry when I can't accept that fact that weed is a gateway drug because fruit has always been my savior. 

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