The Future is...a Place

The future is a monster is a monster in my head,

I can lose focus of the curriculum that I once though was a load of shipped work.

The future is the demon that provokes my stress.

But will that make me drop out of school?!


What could I do without my diploma?!

My life would be adequate..plain.

Just thinking of it makes me want to pitch a fit.

I could not dine with the upper or middle class,

Instead I'd be behind the counter at McDonald's.

You'd see me in all of the aprons,

Taco Bell, Publix, Target, all those places to work just to get by in life.


Consider the good things of further education:

You could provide for your family, your house could be astounding!

You could even achieve fame. 

Think of all the possible outcomes of recieving a good education.

Strive to achieve to become a singer, become a writer, achieve the same of those who inspired you!

Just aim for the better and continue your education.


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