The Funny Thing About Depression

Trigger Warning: Self-Harm



You see the funny thing about depression is it doesn’t choose who you are you can be rich in a perfect family or can be pour in a terrible one

The funny thing about depression is that it seems to lead to Self-Harm which then seems to lead to an addiction

People say that when you Self-Harm if they don’t see it on your wrists then its nothing to worry about. 

But you see whether its on your wrists or not it is real, no matter what somebody will tell you.

People will tell you that if its not deep enough if you are not covered in blood after, if the blood isn’t dripping on the floor then its not something to worry about.

But what people don’t realize is that the reason we self harm is because that physical pain is greater than the emotional.

That physical pain is what fixes your emotional and that, that damn feeling is what becomes the addiction.

And that addiction is what runs your life.

After you have self harmed for more than a week your already addicted, whether you feel depressed or not you self harm anyway.

Addiction doesn’t care what you do to yourself.

Depression doesn’t care what it does to you.

Depression is something that is there to ruin you, something that is there to test you.

But the sad thing is most people in the end lose to depression.

 But when people make fun of others for self harming what they don’t realize that it’s a way of surviving it’s the way that we don’t kill ourselves.

 And whether or not it draws enough blood it is a problem. 

But you see either way you look at it your being controlled.

And that’s the funny about depression, self-harm, and addiction.  You don’t control them.  They control you.


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