Full of Beauty


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I have a big Green house on a hill and it’s

Giant and clean

And full of space and I

Can’t wait

To get it filled up with things that

Portray my

New life with my husband.


Look out the window.


The rain pours on

Overbearing screams of

Pressure multiplying and the

Depth of it all;

The depth of the pain escalates.

Just as I can finally get a breath to breathe

On this shredded cross that digs into my flesh

And death that fears my presence because death means a new life and

That I’ll finally get it right. That this pain I’m enduring for that one day

Is well worth the wait of the glorious light

That I see as I wake from my slumber

The only unwillingness being

In leaving his arms to

Make breakfast

And dress


Go to work.

But I realize I’m learning

How to see

Glory in the growing pains.

Learning my

Daily cross is not worth as

Much as the sun

That shines after I’ve died.

To myself.


let the sun shine in

I’m getting up now. The tomb

No longer comfortable.

I stretch myself now and



It’ll be great today.

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My family
Our world
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