You're the mac to my cheese, the bread to my butter
You're the seaweed to my sushi, there'll never be another
We're the burger with fixings, ice cream with all the toppins
We're jeans and a T-shirt, Batman and Robin 
Everything we are, we are together
You're the fame to my fortune, best friends forever
You're the peanut butter to my jelly, the Beedle to my Bard
Your'e the Tink to my Peter, the finish to my start
You're the moon to my Sun, the Jack to my Queen
You're the x to my y, the median to my mean
You're the fork to my spoon, the Chevy to my Chase
You're the thread to my needle, the pepper spray to my Mace
What we are, we are as one
What we do, we do for fun
You're the pony to my tail, the salt to my pepper
Here we are, so happy together
When life is too much to take
We get together, life goes back to great
You're the pirate to my bonny lass, the Bugs to my Taz
These is friendships that will always last
I'm running out of things that are perfect together
We're the best in best friends forever
You're the Volks to my Wagon, the honey to my bee
Forever and always, it'll be you and me


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