Senior year is finally here!

Wow, time just flew right by.

I have decided that this year I am gonna branch out and talk to new people.

I still am loyal to my other friends of course!

So far I have gotten to know so much more about my peers and their interests!

It is really surprising how much some of us have in common.

The fact that my new friends want to know about me as much as I want to know about them is really exciting!

It is like fresham year all over again, so silly!

I am so happy that I get to establish relationships before we all go off to college.

I am actually proud of myself.

I have been coming out of my shell these past years.

I am proud that I am able to be myself and be accepted by my peers.

My new friends and I have been talking about colleges!

I am really looking forward to college and see where I go in life!

I will never forget my silly hair in my freshman ID picture, that never fails to make me giggle.

I will take that ID wherever I go, it is my inspiration to move forward and see how much i have changed.

College i am coming for you!


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