Friends Forever

Are you lyin' to me

Is our friendship fake
If so, then I made a mistake
You're my best friend
My one and only
Now it seems that you really just wanna throw me
Out of your life for good
We've had our ups and downs
But not very many
If I had a penny each time
It would be a dime
I really care for you
I was there for you
Except you aren't into sharing much
I remember that smile on your face
We had our own pace 
And we still get along
We still talk, this is true
It just feels like your through
With me
This thought is so sickening
I know that it's in my mind
I overthink like I always do
It will just take some time
You're my best friend
Forever and always
I just hope you see it in the same light
As I
This poem is about: 
Our world


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