This Friend of Mine

Thu, 07/12/2018 - 00:47 -- kmc_19

Oh, the lessons I have learned,

from the mountains I have climbed;

Oh, the lessons yet to come,

from all I am to find.


I have learned of more than I can seem to recall—

of love, hope, and life most of all.

Through countless outlets far and wide,

I have been able to build my confidence, my passion, my pride.


Though hardships and toils can seem to last forever,

one step at a time things start to get better.

With the help of a friend, whose love surpasses all,

I will always have hope, no matter how far I fall.


This friend of mine has taught me lessons that could only be learned through self-love.

This friend of mine is the essence of beauty,

the essence of all emotions from the lowest lows to the highest highs above.

Oh, the lessons I have learned from this friend of mine.

Oh, how its beauty sparkles on the page like the twinkle of a star does shine.


This is not an ordinary thing, this friend of mine.


It is made from the most complex simplicity.

It is your friend.

Whether you’re proclaiming love or shedding your tears through art,

it is there for you,

and it has taught me

the same thing it has taught so many others— how to feel, how to live freely, how to be oneself.

It is love.

It is hope.

Whatever you feel is what it will become.

Oh, this friend of mine—the beauty on the page—Poetry.

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