Freedom At Las

Today I lie in the ashes of my own passion,

the ruins of reckless self-obsession. 

I sought to outthink my mind, herself, 

the prevailing ruler of all that concerns me. 


I yearned for freedom from her control,

A body independent from the mind. 

A naïve ambition, perhaps,

that I pursued nonetheless. 


I danced with graceful delusions,

as my body soared thoughtlessly into a black hole.

Maybe that was her goal all along, 

to guide me through false cosmos of hope. 


My freedom fever ceased,

as I felt my mind grasp all control from my body.

Briskly, she stripped me of all power I thought I possessed,

and grinned at my effortless defeat. 


I couldn’t be let off without punishment for my defiance, 

As my mind must persist in her tyrannical rule over all I do.

She chained me to the earth below and heavens above,

so I would never grow unsettled and fly away.


Without an escape, misery was imminent,

and the burdens of the heavens above felt as if they were mine to bear. 

The constellations above, that were once comforting, 

diminished to a mere symbol of all my vindictive mind gave to me, and all the troubles that seem to plague me.


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Our world
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A modern take on the story of the Titan Atlas. Told from the perspective of a teenage Atlas dealing with mental illness.

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