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I can't deal with this anymore.
The stress alone,
The one way thinking.
It's frustrating, overwhelming, too much...

Soon, very soon,
I can be free of it.
All the fear, and the unexplained emotions.
The held back comments and feelings.
All bottled up inside just waiting to be free,
Adding to it makes it no better.

Don't know how much longer it will last,
The cap to that bottle.
The pressure is building up,
The world is watching.

Sleepless nights increase.
As those thoughts break free into dreams.
Changing sound dreams into nightmares.
Dreams soon to be forgotten,
With the will to never remember.

A tighter cap maybe needed.
Or everything just needs to be set free.

Freedom is all that's wanted.
Impossible when the suppressor,
Forces the will to hold it in.
Refuses to see it let out.

Afraid of what would happen?
Maybe.. but it's never going to happen
Is it? Not going to happen
When the only voice
Wanted heard is that of the suppressor.


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