a faint breeze against my skin makes me remember what I love most about life itself.

Simplicity is what makes me content

the warmth of the Sun as it beems down on my cheeks

making them glow with energy, I smile.

eyes closed, letting my mind fly like the blue jay in the sky


Like the waves of the ocean as they crash on the beach and the grains of sand washed out to sea


The cool refreshing scent of that freshwater tickling my nostrils and coating my senses.

This is the way life ought to be

letting the wind hold me in a luke warm embrace

letting the rays of the Sun lead me to the right place

letting the waters soothe my spirit at its own pace


until .. I'm dropped back into reality

adjusting with the shift of my mentality

awaiting the next time I can let my mind fly, go and become



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