I kept

Looking back

For a familiar

Face and voice

That smiled

And cheered me on

It hurt for so long

When I looked back

To see hesitance

And eyes looked away

It pained me 

To see my family

Become a fading gray

I yearned and ached

For the golden days

To come again

Full of laughter

And happiness

Empty of fear

But these days

Are sepia

And are stained

With black

And white tears

I used to have 

A habit of

Hanging them up

Around my room

Forcing myself

To dwell inside

Misery and sorrow

Making myself

Take pills

That induced


And woe

But now I stagger

And stand

I shake and waver

I tremble

And demand

That I let go

I tell myself 

To be brave

To see it as it is

And as it was

I give myself hope

And a hug

I plead that I

Need to cut the tie

I have with the past

To climb out of the 

Hole I have dug

In order to smile

In order to be strong

I need to take courage

And separate myself

From the people

Who weren't there

All along

And now I speak

To them

Through bleeding words

And inky veins

I tell them thanks

A little girl's praise

I give them my love

From a heart that

Was scarred

And whisper again

That if they ever

Want to talk

I will never

Be too far. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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