Mon, 11/04/2013 - 10:40 -- telvi1

This is a forum of confessions, my first impression leave lasting impressions, my expressions aren’t always impressive, so my expressions are in question but for the record my expression comes in different forms in the feeling I hoard 
Crowded thoughts in an infinite space that’s foreshorten by conceivable poison and unreasonable noise, other people’s perceptions have me thinking more 
Precipitating imperfections got me thinking less is more 
Provoking hasty hesitations and passive aggressive contemplations adolescent like confrontations 
Basing a foundation built on establishing a perception for other 
Cause I’d like to be in control of what others think of me 
So I can avoid misconceptions and misery 
These confessions are real, direct reflections and recollections of my affection efforts 
Trying to make sense of my expressions
Trying to control my impression


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