The Forgotten Island

It hit me like a resounding gong,
BANG, like a gun.
I couldn’t even comprehend it.
A life, just gone.
She was so young, so gleeful, so

We weren’t even that close,
But we spoke like friends.
She wouldn’t have counted on me
to be there, to talk.
Would she?

I can’t blame myself.
But, I wonder what would
have happened if I had just
been there for her to talk to.
Everyone needs

You can never be afraid to ask
for help.
You can never be afraid to
You can’t say no one cares
If you haven’t tried

Everyone’s life has meaning.
Everyone matters.
We just have to take a step
And care for each other.

No man is an island,
I believe this is true.
Just because you feel lost,
doesn’t mean someone can’t
Find you.

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I wrote this poem about a friend of mine who committed suicide the summer before our senior year. I hope this poem gets shared because preventing suicide is really important to me.

I am also new to poetry, so any feedback would be great!

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