I want you to see all of my happiness

I want you to see my friends

And my grades

I want you to feel like you screwed up

Because you did


But I forgive you


You dropped my trust on the filthy floor

And that was the end of our friendship


Or was it?

Did it end without me noticing?


You see

I want you to feel awful

But not really

I truly want you to be happy

And I hate that

I want to be angry

I want to feel like I have the right

But I don’t

Because I will always feel like I was the one who messed up

The one who dropped you

Even if I didn’t

I want to be angry

I want to hate you

But I never could

Because I loved you so much that thought of hating you isn’t even comprehensible


Because I loved you

And now I don’t even know you


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