Forgive Me

Forgive me for I cannot see
My eyes have been taken,
My body into the sea
A bag of bones floating on the river's surface
A victim of circumstances,
Out of my control,
Singing along with the siren song of the current
My fingertips navigate the reef,
I find a home for us to sleep,
If only for the night,
A predisposition of death,
A permanent sleep,
An intimacy between consciousness,
And decomposition
You try to leave,
I can feel your struggle,
Firm my grip will stay,
You then try to swim away,
Forgive me for I cannot change
My grip slips
Forgive me for I cannot empathize with
For it will be as it lies
Alone I will live as I float
Drowning in my wake,
and salt water flowing within my veins
And stills into my lungs
Waiting for my bones to sink
Forgive me without distain,
I could not save myself
Nor can I save you
Resonant in its silence
Forgive me.

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