Forever Alone


I can't explain how I feel about him.

He makes my heart beat, my head spin.

But it is impossible to be together.

Because no matter what he can't forget her.


Forever alone, I'll find no love

No matter who, I'll never be enough.

I can't control who I may or may not like,

But most of the times it's just not right.


I don't know what I'm feeling,

I can't try to explain

Look deep into your heart

and take away my pain.


I can't fix the broken mess that is my heart,

Because of you, all I do is fall apart.

I will stay here and wait for when the time is right,

The time when you come to hold me through the night.


You may love her now, but you'll love me later,

We're not friends, but I don't hate her.

So when the time is right, and you are ready

I'll be here holding steady.


But just remember that night, when I was scared,

you held me tight and wiped my tears.

You were what got me through

And you said not forever alone because I had you.


But once I wasn't scared, you stopped and looked around.

That was the end of your crush, you turned around

And put your back against the wall,

But I just can't stop myself from taking the fall.


So here I am, and I will continue to say,

I'll wait for you until the day,

You come for me and tell me you're ready,

I'll be here, I'm trying to hold steady.



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