Forest Guard

So...Can you hear my whisper
It echoes of off my branches
Rushes through the leaves
Tickles at your ears
Warning you to leave 
Now...Can you hear my song
Played by hooves on stones
Sung by rushing streams
Pushing you away
...or begging you to stay
Here... Can you hear my sorrow
In all my birds' calls
Lost in the countless howls
Forcing you to remain
Making you see humans's stain
Can you hear... No can you see
My might in every tree
My breath in every life
My scars left by your hands
My anger at  your ignorance
Can you understand
The truth of who I am
I am the forest humble guard
But you won't comprehend
So you'll just turn to leave without 
Without remembering anything from me
This poem is about: 
Our world


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