Don't you think my bones are quieter when I wake up next to you

Traced in my childhood physique and rooted in morningness

They say morning people rule the world 

But I don't need a domain to call my own if I am constant under my skin 


Don't you think paperback novels look better 






under my mattress from the night before when I curled my toes and widened my eyes when I reached the part where the king was slain and had no feeling in his body 

look at the kingdom within and without me 


i wake up under the thought of love, under the ubiquitous idea that one day 

i will wake up next to someone

who is stiller and softer than me 

i will read a book and they may ask about it 

did you love it the night before?


i will love it this night before 

i tell you we'll be cynical until the moon hits the floor 

i wake up because i will know you someday 



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