Fri, 07/18/2014 - 00:24 -- josholm

I've been floating for years,

Cocking my ear to the sounds of late night drives

And the quick tongues of midnight calls.

The white lights at my sides give off flashes

Only lasting every other minute or so,

Polarizing ethereal images in the back of my mind

Like a film roll booting up in the theatre I call my palace.

The images string together on a clothes line, 

And a wuthering wind catapults me towards Earth.

I've landed. I'm standing on solid ground. 

I'm watching something. I'm reading lips. 

I blink and things becoming clearer. 

I am a human being, watching human beings

Doing human being things. 

The words from life flood my ears, 

And it gives me a fleeting feeling 

That the dictionary handpicked the letters,

The sounds, the meanings of each word, 

For that very moment. A moment stuck inside my head.

And I feel for a minute that I am the only person

Being given a gift, something I didn't even ask for. 

The rifts and alterations of musical vibrations

Enter my veins and make me tingle.

And for a moment, I feel like these notes

Were once buried deep within the soils of men and women, 

gathered in the harvesting months, when it was fully watered and grown.

And there is never a time where I feel otherwise. 

And I wonder if I can ever give something in return. 

If I could ever reach within my chest and fight with my

Heart and brain for the treasure inside. 

I wonder if being shipwrecked will do the trick,

And the only other person who'll be with me takes the form

Of God in a human vessel. 

It makes me wonder if it's all worth it. 

The images that cause the muscles in my face

To make me smile; 

The words that formulate in the factory

That make my heart race and my fingers cramp

As I force the pen to do my dirty work that stands undone; 

I try to find a response to the questions I've ran away from.

I wonder what I'll do next. 





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