As the Flower Grows

I watch each day as the flower grows
I wonder, does it know?
That it grows in a world
where bad things happen, wars are fought, people starve
But still I watch as the flower grows
A beautiful thing, in a world so scarred
It realizes what it is here for
So it grows and grows, spreading beauty and warmth
until it finally can grow no more
But as the flower withers, it knows
that as it does, another grows.



This is a beautiful idyll poem! You write about the power of something so small and simple, and how in a world full of tragedy, good things can indeed still be found. Have you ever thought of making an art piece to accompany this poem, like a picture or a video of yourself reading it (maybe in a field of flowers?). I think multimedia would increase the great power of this poem! Check out how to make a multimedia poem and more in the Resources section.

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