Like a Flower Growing From a Crack In the Sidewalk


I have many scars
I used to say I had more scars than friends
They were better friends at times
Always there for me
And my blade there to provide a quick cold kiss
Reminding me I was alive
But I was so ashamed
I pulled at my long sleeves and tried to hide
And the kids at school
Would taunt with such wicked names
Hey Tiger, nice stripes
And one day at work
Someone dared to call them hesitation marks
And said that I had hesitated because
I lacked the guts to go deep enough
To kill myself
Well I tell you what
These scars are from wounds
And for each wound I had
There was a story
A story that said
I survived
The pain
So call me tiger
Because I am the fiercest in all the animal kingdom
And I can see the light pouring through these fading lines
They tell stories of the unspeakable pain that I have overcome
Yes I am a tiger
My body is not ruined
I have earned my stripes
And just like the flowers growing from imperfections in the sidewalk
Beauty will sprout from these cracks
I will go on to heal
And help others
Yes I am a tiger
My body is not flawed
I have earned my fucking stripes


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