Flor de Reyes

A heart beating to the sound of a thousand footsteps

As loud as thunder

Yet as soft as a bee's buzz

She shrugs in uncertainty

And looks away in fear

'Who are you'

Men in their black and white warrior costumes asked

With hesitation she muttered

'I am my mother's daughter'

They were shocked

Feeling disrespected they frowned

She unknowingly insulted them

After being alone for so long

She lost human contact

She was unaware of her etiquette

'Where are you from'

They asked unpleased

She turned towards them

Their pale faces were burning from the sun

Pointing to the unpaved road she spoke

'I am from the earth. Raised from the land you stand on and taught by the life that surrounds you'

They were in awe

Never had they encountered such a young girl

With this view of life

Urging to hear more they asked

'Whats your name'

She went still as a statue

Regretting even talking

Images came flooding back

Left on the paved road by her mother

Wandering the streets for a home

In search for someone, anyone

She was known as 'that girl'

The girl without a family

Alone for most of her life

She adapted to the mess around her

A fawn blending into her surroundings

Thought of as prey

But she pounced as the predator

She was unnoticed, unclaimed, undefined

Until this moment

They stood awkwardly waiting for a reply

She had no name

She was a ghost of the past

A figment of their imagination

She was nonexistent

Her eye widen

A familiar surge came forth

It was in the air

Tingling in her fingers

Spreading to her arms

Then her whole body

It was as if the gods above

Were sending a message

She smirked and finally said

'My name is... Flor de Reyes



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