Floods of Technicolor


I live in a world full of black and white images
Of bombings a violence acts so primitive
Shades of gray mask my decisions
Because a world without color makes you blind to it's messages
Conformity being the basis that molds us and erases
All the worlds beauty and repaves it
With the idea that cohesion is living without changes
But really, all it does is lock our freedom in silver cages
Hiding behind this world so faded Im afraid to speak out about the life I've created
I built a city in my mind starting with a line straight yet sound, subtle but defined
Then uncontrolled madness spewed out of the clash of battling organs
My mind on one side and heart on the other
Memories and feelings, floods of technicolor
Crimson covered Gaysha lips and dagger tips
Bring life to roses after a lovers quarrel
Oceans of blue seem long over due
As it mimics the sky that binds both together in the horizon
Summer rays and a deep blue haze
Broaden the worlds fixed fallacies of imagery
Teaching me to caress fondness and intimacy
The greens of trees or orange themed autumn leaves
Lead me to see that reality has had us all deceived
I step up to the cage back with bars of silver
And try to tell all of what Ive discovered
Suddenly a crowd with a voice loud as thunder
Reminds me what Ivʻe been hiding under
When Sunflowers fade and leaves turn gray my whole world will wash away
In my mind I am queen, game maker, and artist
But In reality Im nothing but a black and gray portrait
Of someone who thought that she wasn’t a conformist


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