Flawless 101

Don't look that way

Don't say those things

There's another pretty woman

Look away from the screens


They are supposed to define you

And tell you who you are


Don't think for yourself

Let us do the work for you

I am sure there are things in the world

You probably never knew


So sit down little girl

Let us give you a rest

And explain all the rules

On how to be flawless  


No men of the century

We don't need to hear from you

And continuosly listen

To all the things you want us to do


No women of the past

   Of the screen

          And of the throne


We have millions of brains

So we'll think on our own


I've had my share of doubts

And I've had my mistakes 

So I've done enough already

To know what it takes


To be my own person

And not let others keep me down

So I'll sit on my own throne

And wear my own crown


When it comes to being perfect

You don't have to tell me any of this

Because no matter what you do

I will always be flawless


I know who it is you want me to be

But I am a voice for the future you will see

I am the writer, the poet, the author

If you need utter perfection, you need to look no farther


For I am the professor who will lend a helping hand

And when you think I am powerless

It will be me 

To teach your children


I have stumbled with drugs, with self hatred, and death

But I will fight until my final breath

To take all my sorrow and leave a legacy behind

And in all my truths you will finally find


The person that I know I am going to be

And despite all your efforts

You will never define me


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