The Fish

Swimming are the trout fish, swimming are they freeOne girl dose run, an angle from aboveDeep inside the forest, where the bird do not sing.Silent waits the devils son, heartless he will be, Beside the river the girl dose runs,Her wings spread out wide, she has nothing to hideA fish her friend, who sees her smile,A partner in joy, a good pal of fun Happy are they, the fish and the girl,Happy forever, had this story not occur,But regardless of joy, and happiness too.The Son of the Devil hunts the girl whose hair dath curl, One day she meets him, to her is unknown,The fate she has taken, when she says helloJust a story, Just a lie, will he tell her before she can die,A lie well known, told common, and shown The lie is “I love you” though this is not trueThe poor girl was foolish, and believed him,She smiled so happy, and so did her fish,Their hearts tied together, this the fish knew. But one night, alone, with this girl of heart, The Devil Boy would kill her, and rip her apart,He stabbed her, and stabbed her, his bloodlust was free,The ending of life had been planned from the start. But unknown to him was the good fish of truth,For when the fish saw her deadLaying beside the river bed  A swimmers revenge could not undo, And now that boy, The Devil’s SonHas met a death he can’t outrun.


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