First Defeat

The awkward thing about permenance 

is just how contradiciting it is.

I mean, for heaven sakes, it may as well be a fucking oxymoron. 

Because nothing on this forsaken earth is permanent.

Not a stain, not the ink in our tattoos,

not the realationships that we try to make work out

and especially not the scars that I've carved into my skin 

in order to release the feelings I swear are permanent and omnipresent.

The ink in our tattoos fade before we ever realize the amount of time our body has spent 

trying to berid of the toxins.

The relationships are never permanent because even if we are still physically bound by a vow and a set of rings,

by the time we check to see how long it's been, one of us has mentally checked ourselves out.

So I guess what I am trying to saying 

is that the only thing that ever sticks around

and the only thing that really ever is there to remind us how we decay  

is time itself. 



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