A Firm Conviction

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 19:37 -- Gflores


A Firm Conviction

The scope of life is the sole interpretation
Of what a man claims to be his,
Even such a possession is at times restrained
For the wind blows relentlessly when our might decays.

Today is the exotic paradise of the unborn;
Cremation is what souls crave for when the path of humility is blurred,
And later on drained by the persuasive world of the oblivion.

Yet, our flaws seek forgiveness and mercy
As the human-beast seizes domination of what was claimed to be ours,
What was meant to be a man's.

But grasping towards the tunnel, the light will always be apparent;
As the flames of passion get worn out, fortitude will incite the fire
Of the blazing earth, air, and sky that lies in a shallow yesterday.

And as the past defines the inescapable destiny
Of the sunrise of tomorrow and the sunset of today
My utopia will subjugate the future that lies a few steps ahead,
So a virgin sense of illusions can retain my flourishing days.
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