A Fine Specimen

I wonder if you're ashamed of a life almost wasted.

Strung up and hung up on the drinks you never tasted.

Wondering if all the eyes looking at you even care.

Do they even know if there's a soul left in there?

Oh, what a pity to be potentially hated.


And yet you perform for them quite a show.

Is it possible you've hindered yourself unable to grow?

Do you feel your heart ache to be free?

Maybe you'd like a life without so much scrutiny.

Every caged bird longs to be let go.


I still hope there is more character due.

More than what the world has allowed you access to.

I wish I could see that free bird fly.

I think it'd be worth telling those watchful eyes goodbye

Oh, to see that wonderful unapologetic you.

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My community


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