Finding Myself


The time has come and I'm ready to surpass one of life's greatest milestones that isn't taught in class. If I did not need to decide, I'd gladly take off and explore, but I must, so I shall, and I'll try not to view it as a chore. Time and time again they preached, "You can be anything you want to be." I would roll my eyes, I thought I was smart, and think to myself, "You need a dose of reality." However, I have found, my skepticism was a liability. It is up to me! My fate, my future, none of it is written in stone! All I must do is find to what I am prone. That's the hard part. Churning tides of ideas flood my mind, but to reveal my passion I've got to look deep in my heart. "What makes me happy?" is a good pace to start, and who is happier than a child free to learn anything they desire?

So I reflect upon my childhood, and memories warm my heart like fire. Is it possible I knew what my life was to be about only shortly after I had learned how to count? The single pattern that emerged was a love for animals, and it was well preserved. This love was the result of plenty exposure to animals both in and out of their enclosures. I was the child dogs followed home, the kid who tried to save baby birds who had fallen from their nests and were all alone. A few wild animals even came and passed. I once found an orphaned youngling bat. Aside from these physical experiences, I dedicated much of my playtime to zoological research. On my chair I would be perched, watching Animal Planet. At times, when I felt like multitasking, I'd also look up facts on animals via internet. It got to the point that during visits to the zoo, others would stop reading plaques and listen to what I knew. I was like a living almanac.

 I stopped reminiscing and felt as if my passion had been renewed. Becoming a Zoologist was the only logical thing to do.


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