Finding the most important thing

I’ll never forget

The day it all started.

Driving home,

I wasn’t excited to see you.

I didn’t really miss you;

Assuming it was nothing.


I’ll never forget

The call to my best friend.

When I admitted to questioning everything,

The day that started

The confusion.

The panic.

The fear.

The pain.


I’ll never forget

The feeling of going in circles.

Of not knowing what to do,

What was best;

What was best for you.


I’ll never forget

The day I pulled your sky down.

I sent a wrecking ball through your house,

The feeling of throwing four years away.

The moment I broke both our hearts.


I’ll never forget

The summer of misery.

The pain that weighed on my chest,

The rollercoaster of emotions.

My world was flipped upside down,

I was held together with duct tape.


But, more importantly,

I will never forget

The day I said five simple words:


It was all worth it.


In that moment,

I realized

I could breathe again.

The rollercoaster slowed down.

The world was right side up again.

I had ripped away the duct tape.


I realized

I finally broke out of the bubble I lived in.

My sky is brighter,

My heart is happier.


I realized

I finally put myself first.

I did what was best for me,

And I regret nothing.


I’m more outgoing.

Less anxious.

More confident.

Less afraid.

And much healthier.


I’ll never forget

The summer of heartbreak;

Pain I would never wish upon anyone.

But I’ll always know

It made me who I am today.


Sometimes it takes

Tearing apart everything seemingly perfect

To find the most important thing:



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