The Finch and The Hawk

A letter was on a page

part of a word

part of a conciousness

flowing out of the river of ideas

ebbing from the 

lake of creativity.


The letter vibrates

through the air

into sylables and

sweet swinging

notes by a 

satisfied Finch.


A Hawk comes

over and 


the Finch,

the sweet notes 

catching in the 

poor Finch's throat

as the Hawk 

blots the paper with 

its cruel retorts.


As the Hawk 


at the insignificant creature, he is

reminded of the struggle

they all face.


The Rabbit

gets away and he is forced

to seek help

from the Finch.


The Finch complies

his respect and 


to help others

finally shown through


the author's pen,

page blotless.


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